POTD: False Relevance

False Relevance
Somewhere in Western Kansas…
or Maybe Eastern Colorado

While perusing some old work of mine, I came across this photo I had never done anything with.

2 thoughts on “POTD: False Relevance”

  1. Striking!

    Isn’t it amazing when we discover treasures in our archives?! For me there is always a feeling of “who made that photo?” I often have no memory of those captures.

    1. In all the years of photographing, I have only come across a few images from the past that I did not remember taking or where they taken either. The most rewarding of these discoveries was when I came across a black and white film negative from 40+ years ago that I did not remember taking (although I know the location) and never printed back in the day. I scanned it and printed it and it is one of my favorite classic b&w photos now. It is called Bucket of Rain and is a great example (to me anyway) of the idea of visual haiku. I’ve posted it on the blog.

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