POTD: Getting South of It

Getting South of It
Cathedral Gorge, Nevada

Winter got a very early start in Montana (we basically had no fall weather), so I’m taking a very early escape from the cold and snow. After driving through snow even through much of Nevada, I finally drove out of it at Cathedral Gorge.


4 thoughts on “POTD: Getting South of It”

  1. Larry, I visited this park years ago when I lived in Vegas. You have a great dramatic image here. It reminded me much of the Badlands of SD in its coloring (bland tan) but in the right light and b&w it can be very interesting! Enjoy your escape from winter!

    1. Kathy, first my sympathies for you ever having to live in Vegas (where I am right now waiting for Connie to fly in at the airport). This is NOT my kind of town! I’d been to Cathedral Gorge once before but enjoyed spending a couple of days hiking around. In hindsight, it’s not the best place to go after a recent snow has melted, unless you like mud, lots of mud. I agree that it’s quite reminiscent of the Badlands in SD. As far as color goes, it doesn’t matter when your shooting B&W!

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