POTD: Contradicting Darwin

Contradicting Darwin
Bozeman, Montana

I certainly believe that Darwin’s theory of natural selection (or survival of the fittest as some would say) is the main driver of evolution. But some species sure seem to defy that rule, robins being a case in point.

Robins seem to want to build their nests in places with obvious limited chances for success. We had one build a nest in a young fir tree on a branch less than two feet above the ground–about nose high on a curious dog or hungry coyote.

The robin’s nest in this photo was built on the door frame just above our front door while we were in Ireland earlier this summer. When our neighbor Tom stopped by to check on the  house one day, he did not see the nest until he opened the storm door and the nest came sailing down beside him. Amazingly it landed right side up and the eggs did not break.  Not knowing what else to do, Tom set the nest on the bench next to the door and left it, where it remained until we got home.

Robins are prolific next builders and egg layers, raising as many as 12 healthy babies a year. So I guess what they lack in smarts, they make up in sheer numbers.


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