POTD: Could Be Anything

Could Be Anything
Bozeman, Montana

I saw this smashed cone from a fir tree on the street where I was walking the other day. I was intrigued by the shape so I brought it home, photographed it, and added a background to the image.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Could Be Anything”

  1. When this opened on my computer screen, I first thought it was a kind of indigenous celebratory necklace. It’s beautiful, and I like that your artist eye saw potential in the smashed cone.

  2. I like this very much. I am always bring home stuff to photograph and I always felt it would make a great exhibition, the finished photo with the bit of detritus that I carried home.

    I would guess this was difficult to scoop up without breaking it up.

    1. Thanks Alan, and good to hear from you! The windowsills in my studio are covered with all sorts of small items of interest I’ve brought home. I would collect a lot of that stuff even if I was not a photographer but also have thought of photographing much of it. But so far only a few have made it in front of the camera lens. I keep waiting for that mythical rainy day with nothing else going on to get it done.

      While it looks fragile, this smashed cone was surprisingly sturdy. Perhaps being run over by a car(s) compressed it into a fairly durable form. I picked it up carefully and carried it cradled in my palm for a ways, but since I had over a mile to go to get home, I eventually just dropped it in my shirt pocket. Other than the two halves almost separating on one end, it was no worse for the wear from when I first picked it up.

  3. I agree with Carol that it looks like a necklace. I also enjoy the muted, pastel color. I collect things to photograph too,but often I end up throwing them out in a fit of housecleaning before I record their images.

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