POTD: Late Night Old Nanjing

Late Night Old Nanjing
Nanjing, China

This is another from the recreated old town that I visited in Najing. While certain neighborhoods in Chinese cities still have this kind of look, one clue that this is a recreation is that there are no people around–a rare site on the streets even at night out in the real city.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Late Night Old Nanjing”

    1. More modern sections of cities that I’ve been in are not that closed-in, a lot are very spacious with wide boulevards etc. But there are still many older areas like this as well. I walked through a number of them when I was in Beijing. It’s a very interesting experience–for a little while. (Says the guy who starts feeling claustrophobic in dense forests after a while; I like being able to see a long ways. That may have something to do with growing up in Kansas.)

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