January 2019

POTD: I’m Sure There is a Good Reason

I’m Sure There is a Good Reason
Alderman’s Ford Conservation Park, Florida

Make a list of all the important prohibitions it might make sense to post in a public park, then think of where you might place this on that list. This was the only sign prohibiting anything that we saw in the entire park. I’d sure like to know the background behind it.

POTD: Dali’s Pigtail

Dali’s Pigtail
The Dali Museum
St. Petersburg, Florida

At the Dali Museum the steps in the spiral staircase ended before the spiral did.

POTD: Watch It Buster




Watch It Buster
Sarasota, Florida

A “big head” Buster Keaton mask at the Ringling Circus Museum.


POTD: Crabfest

Weedon Island Preserve, Florida

On a boardwalk hike yesterday we were greeted by this flock of some 100+ ibis who were working their way through the mangrove swamp scavenging for food. It appeared they were mostly feasting on half-dollar size mangrove crabs.