December 2018

POTD: The Lotus Pickers

The Lotus Pickers
Nanjing, China

This shot is just to provide some context for the dying lotus plant images I shot a lot of at Xuanwu Lake in downtown Nanjing. The whole south end of the lake was thick with lotus plants and there where at least three of these low jon boats out amongst them with crews of two or three people slowly dragging in and piling up layer after layer of plants using long poles.

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POTD: The Kakangelist (Dali in Yellowstone)

The Kakangelist (Dali in Yellowstone
Bozeman, Montana

Salvador Dali was a sculptor in addition to a painter. I don’t believe I was aware of that until I came across some of his sculptures in Beijing a couple of years ago. This one (created in the 1970s) recently donated to the National Museum of Art looks like it could have been born of fire in Yellowstone National Park.

Fauno (Hombre Cabeza Cuernos
Salvador Dali
Beijing, China

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