POTD: Vertigo #2

Vertigo #2
Bozeman, Montana

I created this image the other day from a photograph of some stairs at the Denver Art Museum, another of two young women at the Tucson Art Museum and a third of a guy doing acrobatics on a park bench on the levee in New Orleans.

I did not name the image Vertigo until after I had completed it. Just as I was about to post this I searched on the word vertigo on my blog and came up with this POTD from 2015 also titled vertigo. Surprisingly, but in a way that makes sense, it is another photograph of the same stairway in the Denver Art Museum.

I’m not experiencing vertigo right now, just jet lag after my long trip to Nanjing, China. As soon as I get out and about here, I should be posting POTDs featuring photos I’ve taken here.



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