POTD: Underfoot #6

Underfoot #6
Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

A number of the recent POTDs have all been photographs of what I see on the ground when I’m walking, literally what is under foot. Those all had different names but they are all part of a series I’m putting together appropriately called Under Foot. Today’s POTD is another in the series and since I couldn’t think of an imaginative name for it (one that I like anyway–several landscape based names came to mind), I just numbered it using the series title. It is number six in the series, although the first to carry a number.

Most of the Under Foot series is from my daily walks around Bozeman, but this one is obviously not. We’ve been on the road for a week and I took this photo on our hike in Canyon de Chelly on the trail going down into the canyon to the popular White House ruins (which Ansel Adams photographed many years ago).

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