March 2018

POTD: The Big Oh

The Big Oh
Bozeman, Montana

On my walk during a recent spring snowstorm the heat from a sewer hole cover  formed and interesting circular shape. (I originally called it a sexist name–manhole cover–because that’s what I learned back in the dark ages. But somewhere along the line of progressing towards gender equality this name, like many other, got changed. After all why should men have all the fun accessing sewers.)

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POTD: After the Flood

After the Flood
Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville did a remarkable job of quickly cleaning up riverside areas inundated by a flood only weeks earlier. Other than some high water marks (above our heads) on some bridge pillars we walked under downtown, there was little evidence of the recent high water. The shallow water at river’s edge however was a different story. Lots and lots of detritus there.


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POTD: River Crane

River Crane
Louisville, Kentucky

This is actually a schematic map of the riverfront area in downtown Louisville. I however, immediately saw what looked like a Native American pottery style decorative graphic.

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POTD: Lectio #77

Lectio #77
Louisville, Kentucky

This is part of a statue of Abraham Lincoln on the Ohio River waterfront in Louisville. The book is titled “Law.” Laying at his feet are two other books, one titled “Bible” and the other “Shakespeare.” An interesting collection.

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POTD: Kathy’s Still-Life

Kathy’s Still-Life
Louisville, Kentucky

Last week we were touring the KMAC Art Museum in downtown Louisville with some of my relatives. I was explaining to my niece Jessi that, after spending time in art museums (especially those of a modern or contemporary bent like the KMAC), everything looks like art to me for a while. Just then my sister Kathy walked around a corner and saw this storage area for children’s art projects which she momentarily mistook for one of the museum art displays. My point exactly.

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POTD: Palm Bark #2

Palm Bark #2
Morro Bay, California

When I took this photograph, I was vaguely aware of having taken another image of palm bark on my trip to Fresno last November. (See it here.) While I made no conscious attempt to create an image similar to the previous one, that is what happened.  I did not even realize how similar they were until just now writing this post when I went back to look at the earlier one. Different lighting, slightly different composition and Photoshop processing. I like them both in their own ways.


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