POTD: 65 to White

65 to White
Bozeman, Montana

I wish I could say this photo was leftover from “last” winter, but I’m afraid last is not the proper descriptor. This was taken in the early evening the day before yesterday. Earlier in the day it was sunny and 65 degrees. Snow can be beautiful any time of the year; it’s just harder to appreciate other than on an aesthetic basis in April compared to December.


4 thoughts on “POTD: 65 to White”

  1. Beautiful Larry! I appreciate the blue tone to convey the cold. And I like the abstract, unknown nature of the content…sidewalk? roof lines? Doesn’t matter…great image! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy. I’m trying to picture how that might look like roof lines but I fail, most likely because I know what it is; the sidewalk in the pocket park next to our house.

  2. So the top line I see as the peak of a roof (horizontal) against the sky and the diagonal as an “addition” roof coming off at an angle. The breaks in the line would be shingles overlapping….I only guessed sidewalk after thinking what else it could be. 😉

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