POTD: Mouthpiece

Lisbon, Portugal

I got a kick out of all the graffiti scenes in Lisbon that integrated parts of the infrastructure into the composition. The imagination it takes to recognize the potential in such features as this doorbell and the cracked plaster in yesterday’s post is impressive.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Mouthpiece”

    1. Kathy, when I started working with the graffiti images it was obvious that some of them really needed to be in color while others worked better in B&W. So I do some in color some in B&W, some in color. Some images of course see to work fine other way. In those cases I choose based more on a whim than anything concrete. Today’s image falls into that category. Yesterday’s just seemed to have more impact in color, probably because of the blue wall.

    1. Steve, I do not know if there is any resentment of graffiti in Lisbon, English or otherwise. I do know that a large majority of the people in the city seemed to speak decent to excellent English which was quite nice for us English speaking foreigners. When the only significant population of people outside of their small country that speak their native language is in Brazil, I suppose another language is imperative for anyone in Portugal except the truly parochial.

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