December 2017

POTD: Showgirl

Lisbon, Portugal

We were standing on top of one of the 11 towers at the Castelo de São Jorge, an 11th century Moorish castle right in the middle of Lisbon, and I noticed a few people walk by below.  They cast some interesting long shadows in the morning light so I decided I’d take a photo of the next one to go by. Of course as soon as I decided to do that of course no one walked by. I waited quite some time and finally asked the Fashion Queen to go down there and be the shadowcaster. True to her name, she decided that just a simple old shadow wouldn’t do.

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POTD: No Respect (Social Media #20)

No Respect (Social Media #20)
Lisbon, Portugal

As shown in the POTD from two days ago, religious icons in Lisbon seem to be off-limits as targets for graffiti. The same protection does not appear to apply to artwork in general as shown here. This was one of a set of photographs from India by a well-known Portuguese photographer which were decorating different areas of a square in downtown Lisbon. Or maybe they only target photographic art as I don’t recall seeing graffiti on any of the many historical statues we saw around town.

(We are back from Lisbon, but given the number of photographs I took while there the POTD subjects will continue to be from there for some time to come.)

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Snow Studies Portfolio in LensWork Magazine

A portfolio of a number of my photographs of snow appears in the current issue of LensWork magazine. This is the seventh time over the last ten years or so that LensWork has published a collection of my work and I am so grateful for their continued interest. I am also pleased to see these photographs appear in the same issue as portfolios by the respected photographers Huntington Witherill and William Neal. I have been an admirer of Witherill’s work in particular for many years.

Many of the photos in the LensWork collection have appeared in my daily POTD post over the years. If you are not a subscriber to LensWork single issues are available online or in Barnes and Noble bookstores. You can also see many of the images on my website here.

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