POTD: Early Laptop

POTD: Early LaptopEarly Laptop
Victoria, British Columbia

Not a laptop per se, but definitely built to be ultra-portable. It seems to predate the QWERTY keyboard. See how long it takes you to even find the QWERTY keys visually; it took me longer than I thought it would.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Early Laptop”

  1. Randy Blackwood

    This typewriter was handy for mathematicians that liked to talk about tensors. And physicists that dealt with fulcrums were also know to have a preference for this typewriter.

  2. Randy Blackwood

    Well I don’t know. But the bottom row has the word tensor staring at me so that is what led me to that. The middle row almost has the word fulcrum. So that is what led me to the comment. I guess I should just get back to grading papers. There is a fulcrum on a recent test but no tensor.

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