China Interview Video

Last November I was part of a joint exhibit of American and Chinese artists in Shanghai, China. There was also a tour for the artists during which the sponsors, the188Art Investment Institute, created a short video featuring interviews with three of the artists, myself included. You can see that video on my website here.

Unfortunately for English-only speakers like myself the narration is in Chinese, but the interviews with the two American artists are of course in English. My interview starts at 7:56 minutes.

2 thoughts on “China Interview Video”

  1. You seem very relaxed and confident in your interview. I wish I knew what they said about you in what I assumed was your introduction. If I ever get to China, I will be sure to tell everyone that you are my cousin – I’m assuming that you are an icon there now, and I can benefit by being family. 🙂

    1. I’m actually surprised how at ease I came across–I was mostly thinking really hard trying to figure out something cogent to say. I think my colleague Jenny was much more eloquent and effusive. That’s probably why she got more air time!

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