POTD: Sharing the Spoils

POTD: Sharing the SpoilsSharing the Spoils
Bozeman, Montana

Yesterday’s crow couldn’t get any help getting that pizza box open, but once he did he got plenty of help eating it.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Sharing the Spoils”

  1. Isn’t there a children’s story or fairy tale about the little red hen who could get no one to help her make the bread but lots of animals wanted to eat it? 🙂 These 2 photos remind me of that story.

    How do you feel about the tire at the top in this picture? Do you think it adds context (being only 1) or would you consider removing it?

    I know what it is because of the previous photo, but without that it seems odd.

    1. Kathy, truth be told I don’t like that tire at all. But since this image wasn’t for an exhibition (in which case I might well have done something about it) and it’s more about the story than the composition anyway, I decided to just leave it and move on. Sometimes you have to choose your time-consuming Photoshop battles wisely. 🙂

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