POTD: Getting Close

POTD: Getting CloseGetting Close
Bozeman, Montana


2 thoughts on “POTD: Getting Close”

  1. Looks like someone was having fun with the telephoto setting given the detail at the center of the beaks. Does Bozeman really have buildings that tall? The building does make an interesting, almost dissolving backdrop.

    1. Steve, in fact this image was taken from quite a distance (maybe 100′) with my telephoto lens zoomed all the way in. The sharpness of the ravens is quite surprising given the photo was taken through some fairly heavy snowfall/fog. (Photoshop’s new “dehaze” adjustment has quite a bit to do with reducing the effect of the fog.) The building in the background is one of the dorms on the MSU campus. It’s pretty tall for a building in this town, although not the tallest one which is eleven stories (also a dorm, and still the tallest building in Bozeman I believe).

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