POTD: Conjuring Freedom

POTD: Conjuring FreedomConjuring Freedom
Bozeman, Montana

This composite image resulting from some messing around I did after looking at some MC Escher prints on line and getting inspired by the one shown below.

My image is composed of four separate photos (or parts thereof). The background is a photo of a desk in Paris, at the Conciergerie on the Île de la Cité I believe. The crystal ball is an image of some ravens flying in front of the snow covered Absaroka Mountains in Montana, warped into a hemispherical shape.  The two larger corvids (one crow, one raven) are from my quite large collection of individual bird images, probably hailing form Bozeman or perhaps Yellowstone.

Given the historical period represented by the desk scene from Paris, I decided to give my image a more antiquated look than Escher’s print.

FeatureMCEscherExhibition3Still Life with Spherical Mirror
MC Escher


8 thoughts on “POTD: Conjuring Freedom”

  1. Many of the photographs on my website have had a little nudging of Photoshop magic, but this photograph and other of your recent images are spectacular.

    So when is the master photographer Larry Blackwood going to start giving workshops.

    1. Thanks Allan. As far as workshops I fear my techniques are for the most part too crude and haphazard to recommend to others. I generally get where I want to go with an image (or fairly close anyway) but in a stumbling kind of way.

  2. i love this one, larry! glad you’re back working with the ravens and i much prefer the postings in the morning. thank you for sharing, it’s a great way to start my day.

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