POTD: Officer’s Hat Stone

POTD: Officer's Hat StoneOfficer’s Hat Stone
Tianmu Grand Canyon, China

That tall cliff in the foggy background is Officer’s Hat Stone. There’s a story about how it got it’s name. Here’s a photo of the sign explaining it, although it may not be readable on anything but a large screen.


5 thoughts on “POTD: Officer’s Hat Stone”

  1. The English on that sign is really good! In my experiences in Asia last year, the English translation on signs tended to word things in ways we wouldn’t really say them in English (e.g. One sign said “No striding” when I am sure “No running” was more what they were going for). Of course, in China I am sure they see more English-speaking tourists regularly than some of the countries I visited do.

    1. Most of the translated signs, although often worded oddly, were easily understandable. Every once in while though I’d read or hear something translated that I wondered if I was getting the true intent of what they were trying to say. Particularly interesting (in an odd way) was reading translations of artist statements. But since many of those written in English by native English speakers in this country make absolutely no sense to me, I wasn’t surprised that so many of those translate from Chinese didn’t make much sense either!

  2. I do like the photograph Larry, it reminds of pictorialism.

    I have always wanted to have my artist statement say “I am here to have a good time”. Unfortunately to many people talked me out of it.

    1. Thanks Alan, and any resemblance to pictorialism is purely intentional. (In spite of my graphic tendencies, I do have a soft spot for pictorialism and have amassed a small collection of such images here. My artist statement is a more highfalutin version of yours. In more obscure language it just says I photograph what I like, maybe you’ll like it too. No one talked me out of it, but then I never asked anyone.

  3. I like the color scheme. The photo reminds me of an old painting/print mom used to have in the living room. Also that giant rock in the center at the edge of the waterfall looks like a giant alligator. Yeah I know I have a wild imagination in things I see.

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