POTD: Sunrise, Xitang Village

POTD: Sunrise, Xitang VillageSunrise, Xitang Village
Xitang Village, China

These lovely dawn colors are in large part due to the not so lovely smog China is famous for.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Sunrise, Xitang Village”

  1. Is this “normal” water level here or a flood? The houses don’t look lived in….

    I’m enjoying the dark reflections and the muted colors of the buildings.

    1. It’s the normal level I believe. I think it’s more of a canal than a river. Most of those houses are lived in. Our hotel was down that way. It looked as unimpressive on the outside as these buildings do; made me wonder what we were getting into as we approached it. But up close and inside it was very nice, better than most of the places I stay in this country!

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