POTD: Red #4

POTD: Red #4Red #4
Gaoling Village, China


2 thoughts on “POTD: Red #4”

  1. A question evoking photo. Why is the chicken crossing the road? Is that a Peking duck? Are the Chinese characters above the Arabic phone number the Chinese numbers for the phone number? And graffiti, really? The mysterious orient, indeed.

    1. Important questions indeed. 🙂 I doubt that you could represent that long a string of Arabic numbers in a handful of Chinese characters. What’s more interesting is that they apparently have no trouble dealing with long phone numbers without any of the hyphenated or other breaks we use. Oh, and that’s not graffiti in the background; rather it’s a deteriorating formal sign for something or the other. My complete lack of ability to read Chinese characters certainly made the place more mysterious for me.

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