POTD: Wash Day

POTD: Wash DayWash Day
Xitang Village, China

I was quite surprised (naively I suppose) how many people do not have access to washing machines in China. This lady was doing laundry in the river. She was standing on a little landing that looked like it was made specifically for that purpose. I also saw similar landings along creeks across from housing in the mountains. Walking in Shanghai one day I noticed a number of women doing laundry in ground level sinks outside of buildings.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Wash Day”

  1. I love this! So many elements that make it work. I would assume the ratio of population to washing facilities precludes limiting washday to Mondays only.

    1. Thanks Betty. I seem to recall seeing laundry being done or hanging out to dry just about every day of the week. It was a very common sight to see large high-rise apartment buildings (25-30 stories high) with half of the balconies festooned with drying laundry.

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