POTD: Dusk Comes to Xitang

POTD: Dusk Comes to XitangDusk Comes to Xitang
Xitang, China


2 thoughts on “POTD: Dusk Comes to Xitang”

  1. Xiang photos struck a memory- the Jungle Village – a guilty pleasure watching the film The Man with the Iron Fists. Followed up by looking up on Wickipedia. Filmed in Shanghai and other locations in China- didn’t specify Xiang. The point is (as you know) I’m cheap, but this time I did donate to Wickipedia. Maybe because you brought it up before in another blog or maybe to assuage my guilt over watching a guilty pleasure rather than some high value documentary or non-fiction book. Either case, Xiang is an exotic location.

    1. Xitang is an ancient village, but not one I’d call exotic. It’s certainly not in a jungle and is quite near millions of people (as is a lot of China actually). But the main reason I’d not call it exotic is that, while it’s keep it’s classic architecture, most all of the buildings house tourist related businesses which are quite distracting when trying to appreciate the place’s architecture and antiquity. Regarding films, the final scenes from Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible III were filmed there.

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