POTD: Still Life With Boots and Twine

Still Life With Boots and Twine
Shanghai, China

I took this in one of the exhibit rooms at the 188Art Gallery where the joint China-American exhibit is being hung in another part of the building. I don’t think the boots and twine were actually intended to be a work of art, but in a contemporary gallery you just never know. I once saw a nicely arranged array of thermostats on a wall in an American museum that was mounted at the same level as a number of pieces of abstract two and three dimensional art pieces on the same wall. It fit right in so I took a photo of it too.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Still Life With Boots and Twine”

  1. So did I miss something are your with a group of artists on a trip or what. Are you showing one of your exhibitions?

    1. Randy, I was invited to be part of a joint Sino-American art exhibit here. I’m one of fifteen American artists participating. After the opening reception this evening they will take us (the artists) on a tour of some popular locales near Shanghai. We’ll be out and about for about ten days then back here for a couple more days before returning home.

  2. First, congratulations Larry on being included in an international exhibit! How cool that you are there for an extended time to see the country and take more photos! 🙂

    Second, I love this shot. It’s the style of the boots that make it for me. And proves once again that photos can be made of any subject at any time. I also like the faint shadow on the wall that “points” to the boots and the bit of framed image that balances the opposite corner.

    Looking forward to seeing more “finds”! 🙂

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