POTD: Urban Jungle

POTD: Urban JungleUrban Jungle
Oban, Scotland

Some amazingly large plants in a city park in Oban. It’s hard to appreciate the scale of the plants in this shot so the Fashion Queen braved the barbs and waded in to pose with them for a second shot:


2 thoughts on “POTD: Urban Jungle”

  1. That was my experience at a botanical garden in FL. The plants’ leaves are so big, I had to photograph my aunt next to them for anyone to understand their size! Surprising to find tropical plants in Scotland!

    1. Some parts of the U.K. are quite tropical (or near tropical) in climate due to the sea currents coming from the southern Atlantic I believe, at least to the extent that they can support such plants. In Wales, there are areas along the coast where palm trees do quite well.

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