POTD: Doocot

POTD: DoocotDoocot
Tobermory, Scotland

No, it’s not a nuclear reactor cooling tower or some mega-behive. A doocot, as it’s often spelled in Scotland, or dovecote (alternatively dovecot) as is more common elsewhere is a structure meant to house pigeons. This one, about 20′ high was lined on the inside with row upon row of nesting boxes. There’s been one at this location since the middle ages when it was associated with a nearby castle. As we were approaching it, a pigeon or two flew out the top but when we peeked in the low access door, it appeared pretty much abandoned–a pigeon ghost-town of sorts.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Doocot”

  1. Back from 10 days on Lake Powell so my perspective for your shots of the British Isles is coming thru that prism. I “binged” on your blog so rather than posting 5 posts I’m combining into 1. Hope that’s ok. Green Oct. 11th. I call the Isles 50 shades of Green. Down on the corner, feels like early 20th century German abstract. Roll out the barrel, my nephew Troy’s Bozeman White Dog Brewery won the lottery for liquor license for those tasting rooms, now he might have to stay open later (and work harder).
    Land Sea and Sky- infinite horizons- searching for something to give scale to our place in that world. Woman in Bondage. Hmmm. Artists salacious attempt to garner more “eyeballs”. Keep up the good work!

    1. Steve, Scotland and England are certainly quite a contrast to Lake Powell. About the only thing they have in common is a lot of water (at least when there’s no drought in the Colorado River drainage). I’ll have to see how my website stats improve or not due to the Woman in Bondage post. 🙂

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