POTD: Fountains Abbey

POTD: Fountains AbbeyFountains Abbey
Aldfield, England

To a very close approximation, this is the same scene I photographed when we first visited Fountains Abbey some 12-15 years ago, so it’s not really a new image for me. Even though I like it a lot, you might wonder why I would go to all the trouble to try and recreate a photo I’ve already taken. Well, 12-15 years ago was eons in digital camera years so the technical quality of the photos I took then don’t match what I can produce now. Because of the quality issue, I can’t enlarge that earlier photo much bigger than 8″x12″ before the detail suffers too much. Yet, I like it enough to want to print a bigger version. Now I can.

3 thoughts on “POTD: Fountains Abbey”

  1. Yea on two counts…returning to the same place to photograph again and improving technology so you can make a big print of this deserving scene!

  2. I like to go back to places that I have photographed before. As you say the technology is different, but also the lighting is going to be different and who knows what other factors will be different.

    You just might see new things because you also have changed along the way.

    Nice photograph.

    1. True there’s value to going back to the same place again because everything changes (including your vision). But in this case I was just hoping for duplicate conditions and vision–just different technological results!

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