POTD: The Same, Only Different

POTD: The Same, Only DifferentThe Same, Only Different
Portsoy, Scotland

On a walk this morning (they don’t “hike” in the UK, they “walk”) I was struck by how similar the view in front of me was to walking back in the U.S. I might see this same kind of view in parts of Montana, and certainly back in Kansas where I grew up. But of course a single photo doesn’t tell the whole story of the landscape. In Montana there would probably be a view a a mountain range behind me. In Kansas there would be a view behind me of, well, the same thing as in front of me. Here outside of Portsoy, about 150 feet to the right of me the terrain dropped off a cliff into crashing ocean waves. And a couple of miles down the track I was here:

POTD: The Same, Only Different-bSandsend, Scotland


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