POTD: Lives Real and Imagined #36

POTD: Lives Real and Imagined #36Lives Real and Imagined #36
White Sulfur Springs, Montana

4 thoughts on “POTD: Lives Real and Imagined #36”

  1. I had to view this much larger in order to see the “imagined” life of elk and trees, even with the color. I suppose it is more obvious in larger sizes. The mural seems lost in this picture. Would you consider cropping out some foreground & sky to leave the elk among the “buildings”?

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this one Kathy. One of the downsides of publishing my photos on the blog is that the size of the images is more limited than I sometimes would like it to be. However, at least at a bigger size (more like what I scene when I edit it on the computer) I don’t feel the elk get lost in the picture at all. In part that’s because, with this series, the idea is to consider the imagined life within the context of the real life. In this case the real life I wanted to portray was a plain somewhat featureless alley. I could have cropped out some of the sky but then there’s a contrast there too–the blue sky in the mural vs. the gray real sky.

  2. I appreiate the limitations of small image sizes on the web, Larry. I’m glad to know that you like the extra sky in a “real” size to contrast with the imagined one. Thanks for the explanation.

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