March 2015

POTD: Dove Spotlight

POTD: Dove SpotlightDove Spotlight
Tucson, Arizona

Not the greatest composition but it holds my interest if for no other reason than it makes me wonder if the dove sought out the light to stand in, or if that was just an accident.

POTD: Desert Sky

POTD: Desert SkyDesert Sky
Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona

In Montana we’re pretty proud of our “Big Sky Country,” but Arizona’s desert skies should have bragging rights of their own. Here towering clouds dwarf the Santa Rita mountains, with Elephant Head spotlighted in the center bottom of the image.

POTD: Leaving Etherton

POTD: Leaving EthertonLeaving Etherton
Tucson, Arizona

Nothing like visiting a museum or art exhibit to make me see photo ops I might not have noticed otherwise. In this case, it was the Etherton Gallery (specializing in 19th-20th century and contemporary fine art photography) that served as the catalyst for this shot of the Fashion Queen. The Etherton Gallery must be doing something right, they’ve been in business for 34 years. Given how such places seem to come and go so quickly, that’s like 104 in gallery years. They get bonus points for surviving so long on the second floor of a building, usually the kiss of death for retail.

POTD: Guardian of the Abyss

POTD: Guardian of the AbyssGuardian of the Abyss
Canyon del Muerto, Arizona

A stunted juniper (or perhaps it’s a piñon pine) leaning over the 700′ drop into Canyon del Muerto.

POTD: Frogman’s Demise

POTD: Frogman's DemiseFrogman’s Demise
Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona2015

I thought this petroglyph showed a man getting snatched up by giant crane, but the nearby interpretive sign speculated it was a frog.

POTD: Shadow Flight

POTD: Shadow FlightShadow Flight
Window Rock, Arizona2015

Two ravens doing a close fly-by of the slickrock surrounding Window Rock.