POTD: Still Life With Rolling Pin

POTD: Still Life With Rolling PinStill Life With Rolling Pin
Old Tucson, Arizona


5 thoughts on “POTD: Still Life With Rolling Pin”

  1. I love it! When the page opened up to a bold, colorful photo, a big Wow! came out of my mouth.

    I’m enjoying the colors, the textures (Michael says I’m the Texture Queen), the light, and the rolling pin. Makes me happy. (How’s that for an educated critique of your work?) 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy. That fruit arrangement was courtesy of whoever does the scenes at Old Tucson. By the layers of dust on it, it looked like it had been there a while.

    1. Alan, I see what you mean about the autochrome process. I did tweak the colors a bit in Photoshop, but any resemblance to a previous darkroom method was purely accidental (due mostly to my ignorance of most old darkroom processes except the basic stuff I did myself back in the day).

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