POTD: Dead Heat

POTD: Dead HeatDead Heat Neenah, Wisconsin 2014

Two carousel horses in a perpetual race, frantically running in circles, never getting anywhere.]]>

5 thoughts on “POTD: Dead Heat”

  1. From my encyclopedia of “Little Known and Less Used Facts”:
    The armored or most decorated horse is always the “lead” horse! Who’da thought there could be a beginning or end on a circle?
    (I don’t remember how I came to know this.)

    1. Interesting fact Jim. I didn’t look close enough to see if there was an obvious lead horse on this carousel. I did get the impression that the two horses in the photo were racing and struggling to cross the finish line first (a photo finish as it were). Not sure if that would make them at the beginning or the end of the circle.

  2. I really like this photo. Horses can be such dramatic subjects and I am amazed at some of the detail employed in carving some of the carousel animals.

    1. Thanks Betty. I think the older the carousel the more detailed the carvings. This was a pretty small and pretty new carousel and I’m not even sure the animals were made of wood much less actually carved. Still it made an interesting shoot.

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