POTD: Windswept Perch

POTD: Windswept PerchWindswept Perch Wilsall, Montana 2014


4 thoughts on “POTD: Windswept Perch”

  1. Each time I look at this photo I have a strong link to the movie/novel Wuthering Heights, especially the b&w version with Laurence Olivier. An evocative image!

  2. I think it’s the bare stunted tree on the windswept broken rocks that reminds me of the Yorkshire country side where the story takes place. Otherwise, I don’t think the MT landscape is much like that part of England!

    1. Well I haven’t seen the movie but I have been to the Yorkshire Dales (spent a week there once) and I’d agree this part of Montana reminded me a lot of that part of England as well as parts of Scotland and Ireland–at least during that short time in spring when the Montana plains are as green as they are most of the year in Great Britain.

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