POTD: Ante Up

POTD: Ante UpAnte Up Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

A close-up shot of the card game going on in the far background of yesterday’s market street image.]]>

5 thoughts on “POTD: Ante Up”

  1. I love these images of real life going on in the streets. I’m curious – what does the guy 2nd from the right (partially obscured) have on his lap? And what is that in the foreground with a heart painted on it?

    1. Thanks Judy. The guy 2nd from the right has a tray of heart-shaped suckers in square wrappers that he sells on the street. Both guys in the foreground are sitting on upturned benches that I believe they use to shine shoes when they are not playing cards. Each bench has a little box attached under the bench-top that holds their shoe polish, rags, etc. That the one box has a heart painted on it is an interesting coincidence given the tray of suckers.

  2. I think this one is a nice contrast to your “Dogs Playing Poker” photo (taken in a European setting with ornate architecture). That one is another favorite of mine too.

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