POTD: Color Field #1

POTD: Color Field #1Color Field #1 Idaho Falls, Idaho 2013

A couple of weeks ago we went back to our old haunts in Idaho Falls, Idaho to attend a reception for a photography show at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho that I was juror for. (They also let me hang a few pieces of my own.) While there I wandered some of the old routes I took on my daily walks when we lived there. In the downtown alleys I was shooting some texture shots on the sides of the buildings for possible use in some of the composite images I work on from time to time when I came across some areas where graffiti on the walls had been painted over. It’s common in many cities to collect unwanted paint from residents and rather than dispose of it all, use it for such things as covering up graffiti, so the colors vary over time depending on what is available. In areas where more graffiti is continually added, multiple color patterns appear over time, an example which you see here. Besides the photographs in the downtown alleys, I also collected some in the underpasses on the greenbelt path along the Snake River. These abstract patterns of color remind me of mid-twentieth century color field paintings. I’ll have more comments on that genre in subsequent posts.]]>

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