POTD: Latent Potential #2 in B&W

POTD: Latent Potential #2 in B&WPOTD: Latent Potential #2 in B&W Bozeman, Montana 2013

So this series started out as color images (actually partially desaturated color images to be more precise) but that black and white bent of mine reared it’s head today so I decided to take a look at them as monochrome images. Comments?


6 thoughts on “POTD: Latent Potential #2 in B&W”

  1. For me, these would work well either way. My preference, as usual, is the beautiful, subtle coloration. I love the simplicity of them all.

  2. Depending on what you are after, the depth seems flattened somewhat in the black and white version on this particular photo. I thought when viewing yesterday’s POTD (before you asked) that the subtle colors offered a little depth with the receding and advancing color tints. I like aspects of both.

    1. Thanks for your comments everybody. It appears the color version is the most favored. I think I have to agree the color image has more impact, in particular in regards to the issue of it creating more depth. (I have to wonder if by diligent adjustment of the b&w conversion, I could in fact create that same depth in the monochrome image. Might have to give it a try.) I’ll be posting a B&W version of Latent Potential #3 tomorrow. I don’t believe the difference between it and the color version is that striking. Stay tuned and see if you agree!

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