POTD: Night Rider #2

POTD: Night Rider #2Night Rider #2 Paris, France 2013

A comment by reader Kathy Eyster about the posts from the last two days being good candidates for a diptych got me thinking about pairing this photo with another one by the same name that I posted here last year. It’s a completely different context for comparison, tied together mainly I guess by the name that seemed to fit in both cases. But who said the pairing of images for diptychs had to be so visually obvious.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Night Rider #2”

  1. For the 2 night rider images to work together I think I would want to crop this one to a vertical. Which could work since the right side is fairly empty….BTW, if you’re using Lightroom or a recent version of Photoshop/Bridge you can create a collection (virtual folder with virtual image copies) called diptychs and just drag & drop photos to pair as they occur to you.

    1. As long as I’m kind of thinking outside the box as far as triptychs go on this pair why not go further and pair a landscape and a portrait image together? I used collections, keywords, etc. in Bridge, the problem is having the discipline or remembering to actually do the keywording or dragging and dropping!

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