POTD: Vagabond

POTD: VagabondVagabond Paris, France 2013

This is a self-portrait and I have no idea what I could have been carrying that made it look like I was a sailor getting ready to ship out, or maybe just a hobo hauling a big bag of belongings over my shoulder.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Vagabond”

  1. Perhaps a camera bag?? 😉 Methinks the crop on the right edge next to the “ring” is a bit tight.

    1. Kathy, a camera bag would be a good guess, except I don’t carry one. As far as the “crop” goes, technically the image was not cropped but I know what you mean. I was not really looking at the camera viewfinder as I was trying to hold it in a way that didn’t mess up the shadow, so didn’t have perfect control over it. Although it doesn’t really bother me, if had had been looking closer at the time, I probably would have given the ring a bit more breathing room on the right side of the frame.

  2. This is great Larry. Maybe it’s a selfie but it has a sinister vibe to me. I really like the vagueness of what’s going on. A new series? Me and my shadow. I’ve been toying with the idea of using shadows in some images. Sort of the idea of me or some one else observing something yet feeling apart or disconnected from what they are looking at. This is a feeling I often have. Speaking of selfies…. this must be Selfie 4th day. Two of my other contacts on Flickr posted selfie images today. What these ladies posted has a totally different vibe and I was a little shocked. No vagueness with their message.

    1. Thanks Bruce. Maybe I should have called it My Sinister Selfie. Two previous shadow selfies of mine can be seen here and here. Selfie shadows might make a good series, if they didn’t get too repetitive. It would be easier to avoid repetitiveness by expanding it to shadows other than of the self portrait kind.

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