Works to Live By #6 Slaytor’s The Silent Sea series is also worth a look–compelling photos of “stuff” floating in the ocean.  ]]>

2 thoughts on “Works to Live By #6”

  1. These are strong images…and what a commentary on modern life to see so many sad faces. The color treatment is interesting…slightly desaturated and with color casts that must be the result of artificial lighting. Thanks for sharing the link.

    1. Kathy, I found the faces as much contemplative as sad, but yeah there is a strong component of that, or melancholy as well. As for the colors, I’ve seen that look before and can’t figure out how it’s done. I think it may be the natural light to some extent but also some Photoshop treatment I’d like to learn. Some of the chiaroscuro lighting as well as the colors make the images look very Rembrandtesque.

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