POTD: Doing the Walkaround

POTD: Doing the WalkaroundDoing the Walkaround Bozeman, Montana 2013

The three outer crows appear to be circling the two in the middle feeding. Perhaps they’re acting as protective guards, or maybe keeping them corralled.


4 thoughts on “POTD: Doing the Walkaround”

  1. I enjoy seeing photos of living, moving things that you are able to capture perfectly at the right moment in a composition that cannot be recreated.

    1. So, Connie, I’m guessing that’s a round about way of saying this isn’t your favorite post? 🙂 Hopefully the crows that followed this one fight the bill better for you.

  2. No…I was saying that I absolutely love this pic! I was thinking how amazing it was that the birds were in such a pleasing composition and that you were able to capture it for that split second, as you often do. I was contrasting this to photographing scenery or other still subjects, where there is always a chance that you (or other photographers) can take an almost identical shot of the same thing at another time. When I take pictures of rocks, flowers or landscapes, I feel like I can go back and try again if the lighting wasn’t just right. If I should capture a group of moving animals like this, while getting the lighting and composition just right, it would seem like a much greater accomplishment. You can never cause the birds in your photo(s) to “pose” the same way again, which makes many wildlife photos such as this one completely unique. This photo is great, but it especially appeals to me because of the timing, skill and perhaps luck that was needed to produce it. Does that make sense now?

    1. Connie, yeah, now I get it. For some reason your original comment came across as being attached to the photo of the building from before the crows. That’s why it seemed cryptic to me. My bad. Anyway, thanks for the further explanation, and compliments.

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