POTD: Measures of Anonymity #22

Measures of Anonymity #22 Denver, Colorado 2012

Waiting for dad…


6 thoughts on “POTD: Measures of Anonymity #22”

  1. WOW! I love the crispness of this photo. I also love the complexity of everything that is going on here. Thanks for continuing to look.

  2. In this Sundays Denver Post, Art and Style section was an article about Denvers Ten most deserving buildings to be razed, from a stylistic pov. I believe that a couple of the buildings are in your Measures of Anonymity series. I found it interesting that the list was originated in San Francisco and that the author of the article – while mostly agreeing with the list, was peeved that a San Franciscan should have the arrogance to tell Denverites what is not stylish or a pleasing package – as if folks in the cowtown needed his insight.

  3. OK. It’s a little mustard stained but readable (not really- we sort our recycles). From the Denver Post Perspective section OP-ED July 15th. San Francisco based California Home + Design magazine identified 25 structures to “demolish right now”. Denver was tagged for the “fugly” (funky and ugly) Denver Public Library. The author of the piece Susan Barnes-Gelt (BarnesGelt@gmail) goes on to name her own Denvers top ten. I will bring the piece to Steamboat. The two that are pictured are the Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center and Four Seasons Hotel and their windows could be part of your arrangements.

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