POTD: Act of Valor #7

Act of Valor #7 Anaconda, Montana 2012

A rare pedestrian on the streets. The lack of people in these photos of downtown Anaconda was not because I was trying to avoid having them in the shots, it was because there were very few people out and around while I was there. Few cars on the streets either. I found all that just a little odd since these shots were taken between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. I kept thinking Anaconda was like that western cliche: the town that forgot to die. But maybe it didn’t forget, it’s just spending a long time in it’s death throes.


4 thoughts on “POTD: Act of Valor #7”

    1. Kathy, I was surprised that the town was in such good shape considering how abandoned it seems to be. Not that it’s pristine (I wouldn’t be there photographing if it was 🙂 ) but it looks a lot better than some places that are much more filled with folks.

  1. I’ve also visited and photographed in Anaconda on a couple occasions. There almost never seems to be many people around except at lunch time on the main street. In the residential areas, there is almost no one around. Never thought about it as unusual until you mentioned it….

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