POTD: Bel Air

Bel Air Missoula, Montana 2012

The first car I remember my parents having when I was growing up was an early 50’s Chevy much like this one. Although it’s within a year or two my own age, this car looks like it has weathered the years much better than I have. (Neither of us have been restored.)]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Bel Air”

  1. I remember that car well and that it headed for the mountains of Colorado at least a couple of times for summer studies. Your dad took good care of you kids. He installed little locks to flip over the edge of the back doors so they couldn’t be opened from the inside. He was way ahead of his time. Either that or he wanted to make sure you didn’t bolt when he started reciting “Blood on the Saddle”, “Tree Poiple Boids,” etc.

    1. Betty, I don’t remember the door locks but I do remember the great trips to Colorado–and the songs, boy do I remember the songs….

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