POTD: The Loner #1

The Loner #1
Budapest, Hungary

In reviewing my photos of people from Budapest, I was struck by how many shots show people who are or seem to be quite alone. Often the individuals are truly physically isolated from other people, but I’m equally struck by the images showing people in close proximity of others (sometimes quite close) yet convey the old idea of being alone in a crowd. Over the next few days I’ll most some more photos relating to this theme.

2 thoughts on “POTD: The Loner #1”

  1. I had that same conclusion with your “To Each His Own” photo – four people standing in line but all equally spaced apart – thought that was quite interesting – almost looked planned.

    1. Thanks for your comment Judy. Sometimes you want to be alone in a crowd (at least I do) and those four people sure seemed to be working hard at trying to be at least spatially alone.

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