October 2011

POTD: Corn Rows

Corn Rows
near Paris, France

I took this photo of some very oddly spaced clouds not long after we took off from Paris on our way to Budapest. It looks like someone had been plowing the clouds into rows in the sky to prepare for planting. The first thought that came to mind was corn rows, but on reflection maybe it’s what they have to do before they do cloud seeding to attempt to stimulate rain. 🙂 (The smiley face is least someone think I was serious about that.)

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POTD: Take Me Higher

Take Me Higher
Chicago, Illinois

When I looked up at this building some of my photographs of grain elevators came to mind. You could store a lot of wheat in this baby (which would likely be a better use than it’s actual function since I believe it is an office building for one of those big banks of questionable repute).

I’m posting this photo from the airport in Paris on my way to Budapest. So tomorrow or the next day (depending on when I get around to processing some new photos) you will see a marked difference in the POTD photos compared to the ones from Chicago.

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POTD: Order From Chaos

Order From Chaos
Chicago, Illinois

To me this seemingly random jumble of beams looks like a primitive version of one of those transformer creations in recent movies. Maybe it is, because if you back off far enough to see the whole thing this disorderly looking mess morphs into a drawbridge over the Chicago River.

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POTD: Making Eye Contact

Making Eye Contact
Chicago, Illinois

Despite all the people around, city streets are a pretty impersonal place where the rule seems to be to always walk looking straight ahead toward your goal, treating other folks on the sidewalk simply as obstacles to maneuver around. So a little meaningful eye contact, even with an inanimate fellow, is a rare thing.

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POTD: Make Your Move

Make Your Move
Chicago, Illinois

These serious chess players were set up in a doorway on Michigan Avenue and were oblivious to all those passing by (including me taking their photo). I think it is a semi-permanent fixture of the area, at least it was there every day that we were. I’m not sure if it was the same two guys every time or if there was a rotating cast of players.

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