POTD: I Dreamt I Was In the Band

I Dreamt I Was In the Band
Chicago, Illinois

Not only did this guy seem to be having a musical dream, I’ll bet it was Christmas music as he was wearing a Santa hat.

3 thoughts on “POTD: I Dreamt I Was In the Band”

  1. I love this photo! Shoes for a pillow, musical etchings on the wall, a Santa hat – and the plant poking up through a crack. All found in one location! A colorful black and white photo.

  2. These are such interesting street life shots. This guy with the Santa hat has no shoes on, but I notice he’s using them for a pillow.

    1. Thanks Betty. I thought it odd that he took his shoes off when it was so chilly out. I see he has rubber bands around his pantlegs–perhaps to keep the breeze from blowing up his legs while he sleeps. And maybe he thought chilly feet was better than not having a pillow, or perhaps he was protecting his nice new shoes from theft.

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