POTD: Viola and Violino

Viola and Violino
Budapest, Hungary

Some well-worn music parts waiting in the wings of Matthias Church for their next performance. Classical concerts in the local churches are quite popular here. One evening we stopped to take a look at St. Anne’s Church in  Batthyány Square. The church was closed and very dark inside except for some lights up by the alter that we could see peering in the windows in the entrance alcove. Just as we were looking in, this deep, thunderous, minor-tone organ music rang out from the organ loft directly above us. It was either their intruder alert going off or some organist practicing for a performance. In either case it was very impressive, not unlike an ominous prelude to an early gothic horror movie.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Viola and Violino”

    1. Maybe you’ll just have to put Budapest on your travel list and check it out. From the number of churches we’ve seen advertising concerts there’s a lot of organ music to be had around here.

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