POTD: Budapest at Night

Budapest at Night
Budapest, Hungary

If you’ve followed my travel photography for long, you know not to expect much in the way of traditional travelogue shots out of my trips. This may be as close as I get to a typical scenic view of Budapest. The lions are at the entrance to the Chain Bridge and the church in the background across the Danube is officially called the Church of Our Lady but better know simply as Mathias Church in reference to the popular Renaissance king Matthias Corvinus. That’s Corvinus as in corvids–he was nicknamed the Raven King. I hear there is a raven statue on the river side of the church spire. I guess I need to check that out.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Budapest at Night”

  1. We’re not in Montana anymore, Toto! Americans just don’t do “ornate”. This photo is beautiful. And now I know why you went to Budapest – always following the corvids…

    1. Thanks Carol. There are some very ornate corvids over here too, gray bodies with black wings. At least I think they’re corvids, must look them up.

  2. LOVE b&w night shots! This is great! I’m sure you’re having a marvelous time. Looking forward to a photo of the raven statue! Caw! Caw! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy. That raven statue is high up on the church I think and I didn’t bring my long telephoto with me. It might end up kind of small, we shall see.

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