POTD: Standing Stones

Standing Stones
Grand Teton National Park

An interesting arrangement in a dry-stacked stone wall at a Jenny Lake overlook.

I’m headed out in the woods for a few days. POTD will return Sunday or Monday.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Standing Stones”

  1. Shawshank Redemption immediately came to mind when I saw this – have you seen it? Again, B&W seems best for this subject – you’ll win me over yet! Have fun in the woods!

    1. Judy, I’ve seen that movie bout don’t get the connection with this photo. Must be a scene I don’t remember. Glad you enjoying the B&W more and more.

  2. Remember near the end of the movie and Red goes to find the box that Andy has hidden in the rock wall – contains the money for him to get to Mexico – in the meadow in Buck’s County where Andy proposed to his wife. (You can tell I’ve seen the movie more than once!)

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