Month: August 2011

POTD: Last Light

Last Light
Grand Teton National Park

The sun slipping behind the jagged spires of the Cathedral Group in the Grand Tetons.

POTD: Girl Reading a Book #16

Girl Reading a Book #16
Salt Lake City, Utah

Connie sitting among the “backstage” clutter behind my booth at the Salt Lake City art fair in June. Hopefully being engrossed in a novel took her mind of the high temperatures that weekend.


Wilsall, Montana

An abstract view of the grandstand seats at the Wilsall rodeo grounds. It’s kind of funny that they even bothered to label the seating sections. It’s hard to imagine a reserved seat event at a venue like that.

POTD: Afternoon Still Life #2

Afternoon Still Life #2
Bozeman, Montana

An alternate view of the still life from yesterday. There’s quite a bit of difference in the feeling of this shot with the light at my back compared to yesterday’s backlit version.

POTD: The Beast

The Beast
Livingston, Montana

An apparent four-winged raven-like creature.

POTD: A Walk on the Beach

A Walk on the Beach
Lincoln City, Oregon

A couple of ravens out for a stroll along the beach. At least I think they’re ravens rather than crows, hard to tell for sure. If you believe the claim that crows hop while ravens walk then they must be ravens. But there doesn’t seem to be much consensus that that adage is really true.

POTD: The Adjudicators

The Adjudicators
Bozeman, Montana

A popular image from my Opus Corvus exhibit. To me they bring to mind judges in their black robes gathering to hear an important case.

POTD: The Gesture (Badlands)

The Gesture (Badlands)
Omaha, Nebraska

A closeup of a statue of some homesteaders out working their fields. The rugged tension in this guy’s hand seems quite symbolic of the struggle it must have been to make a living on the land in the 19th century. It reminded me of a song by Bruce Springsteen that addresses the issue, at least metaphorically (or should I say uses this concept as a metaphor for other struggles):